Alto del Toro, Edo Guárico, 1998 (2000) at Jorge Domínguez Dubuc

Jorge Domínguez Dubuc

Alto del Toro, Edo Guárico, 1998 (2000)

This piece —whose name denotes the place it depicts— is a video loop that does not have a beginning or end, but posits a continual and indeterminate temporality. It shows the landscape of the Venezuelan Plains in an area known as Alto del Toro. The digitally-altered image attempts to convince us of its irreality as an event by presenting us with natural elements —such as the mist and rainbow— that are capriciously altered to weave us into an inexistent moment or an instant that was never recorded. The piece is the continuity of a moment that the spectator watches go by and which never really happened. It engages with the idea of a man of the future in the role of a creator of new landscapes and forms of entertainment.