Paisajes Anecdóticos at Jorge Domínguez Dubuc

Jorge Domínguez Dubuc

Paisajes Anecdóticos

These three videos —grouped under the title Anecdotal Landscapes— are part of a series of animated landscapes that show anecdotal moments or encounters with uncommon phenomena.

They are representations of a fictional event, which could be considered to resemble documentation of possible future art interventions into space, that we do not yet have the technology to carry out. They might also be considered an approximation to unknown beings or codified messages conveyed by high tech means. They are records of images that show an apparent state of landscape: a redundant fiction between the represented image and the account of what has been imagined. What you see is not attempting to trick the viewer, but to show precisely how false the scene is.

Each of the works creates a definite sense of fiction, not only in the event they represent but also through the image itself, which is used in the quest to move towards a more convincing semblance and a distancing from representing reality. The image seeks to be barely believable as a document, but not as a possibility.

Alto del Toro, Edo Guárico, 1998 (2000)

Parque del Este, CCS, 2001 (2001)

Los Llanos, Edo Guárico, 2003 (2003)