Exversión (1996) at Jorge Domínguez Dubuc

Jorge Domínguez Dubuc

Exversión (1996)

Exversión is a site specific installation at the Casa de Los Ingleses, a warehouse that -as its name suggests- belonged to English merchants in the nineteenth century. The building is situated inside the Port of La Guaira, now owned by the government, and was also a subject used frequently by painter Armando Reverón.

The installation is made up of images that appear in a blacked-out room, emerging in the darkness as they are reflected using mirrors.

The installation took place in a basement and the windows of the upstairs room were used to effectively spy on the outside world using mirrors and small floor to ceiling separation, which acted as a bi-dimensional, infinite reality in continuous motion.

This project was the result of research into different ways of arranging images in space and an enquiry into presentation and representation.