Monster of Reality (1997) at Jorge Domínguez Dubuc

Jorge Domínguez Dubuc

Monster of Reality (1997)

Monster of Reality was my final project for the MA course in Fine Arts at Chelsea School of Art and Design and was exhibited at the end of year graduate show.

Monster of reality is a site specific installation composed of a projection of a slide image of woods set in front of a pool of water. The spectators could see the image reflected the right way up, but could not see how the water was contained there. This was possible because the floor of the space sloped down toward the wall where the image was projected.

The spectator was thus confused by the illusion of standing on the edge of a four metre deep pool looking at an image that seemed much more real in its reflection than in its projection. However, the colours of the image shown were deliberately digitally altered to give the photograph a vintage appearance and underline its status as image and representation, rather than attempt to create a seamless mimicry of reality.

Whilst the spectator was looking at the image, they were also listening to the sound of birds and airplane that were played backwards.

This installation was based on the use of sounds and images that trigger memory connections in the spectator.