Vamos a ver qué pasa (2001) at Jorge Domínguez Dubuc

Jorge Domínguez Dubuc

Vamos a ver qué pasa (2001)

The installation was a site specific project at the Teresa Carreño Cultural Centre in Caracas which was part of the group show Arte urbano: 10 años de la FIA.

It takes a bus stop out of context by situating it away from any kind of road or street. It is thus transformed into a virtual environment made up of images of landscapes that sought  to merge into a micro-world for the spectator.

The text alludes to the action of waiting for something to happen or pass by (Let’s see what happens, in English), while the hammocks warn the spectators about the kind of wait they might find themselves experiencing.

The work responded to the political and cultural scenario of  2001, when changes were being made to the management of museum and art institutions. Ultimately, given the ironic presence of the hammocks, the piece suggests that nothing was going to happen.

Installation view (i)

Installation view (ii)

Installation view (iii)